Tailor made travels
in La Palma

Tailor made travels

Exclusive immersion in La Palma

Discover the magic of this small island with a thousand wonders and immerse yourself in the local culture of La Palma on a tailor made travel.

Plan your stay in La Palma with our travel agency and discover the benefits of a personalized stay according to your preferences.

Stay on the island of La Palma : The authentic heart of the Canaries

An authentic experience

Discover the timeless beauty of the island of La Palma, where nature reigns and culture endures. Let yourself be charmed by the authentic heart of the Canaries.

8 days / 7 nights

Price range from €1200 to €2000

Escape to the volcanoes of La Palma : Between power and natural beauty

An island with spectacular landscapes

Explore the island of La Palma and admire its impressive volcanic activity. An unforgettable adventure awaits you between volcanic trails and its geological history.

4 days / 3 nights

Price range from €1200 to €1500

Unique journey to La Palma: Nights in a lighthouse and stargazing

A celestial spectacle

Experience an extraordinary adventure at the end of the world and spend unforgettable nights in a lighthouse. Enjoy a complete immersion and observe the stars in the astonishing sky of this island.

2 days / 1 night

Price range from €400 to €800

Canary Islands vacation: From La Palma to Tenerife

An unexplored beauty

Two preserved and authentic islands ready to welcome you on an extraordinary adventure away from the crowds. Explore hidden treasures and dive into the discovery of these unique destinations.


8 days / 7 nights

Price range from €1500 to €2000

Our favorite hotels
in La Palma

Discover our selection of unique lodging partners during your custom trip to La Palma.

A seaside hotel or a room in nature? We have what you need with accommodations where comfort and hospitality are guaranteed.

Anamcara Suites

Anamcara Suites, located in Fuencaliente on the island of La Palma, offers a unique experience in an exceptional environment combining beach and mountain. The complex offers spacious suites, all equipped to ensure a comfortable stay. With strong inclusion in La Palma’s protected areas, Anamcara promises immersion in nature and local culture.

Hotel Hacienda de Abajo

Hotel Hacienda de Abajo, the first iconic hotel in the Canary Islands, is located in a 17th-century sugar plantation. This unique place offers rooms decorated with works of art overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Facilities include a spa and a heated pool. It is a perfect fusion of history and modern luxury in the heart of an exceptional natural environment.

La Casa de Don Gabriel

Located in Santa Cruz de La Palma, La Casa de Don Gabriel is a restored 17th-century mansion, offering immersion in local history and culture. The spacious and elegant rooms combine traditional Canarian architecture with contemporary design. Located near Santo Domingo Square, this guesthouse is a sanctuary for creatives and the curious, offering a tranquil atmosphere in the heart of the city.

Hotel Faro Punta Cumplida

Faro Punta Cumplida in La Palma is a historic lighthouse transformed into a luxurious hideaway, offering elegant suites with spectacular ocean views, an infinity pool, and private terraces. This unique retreat combines historical charm and modernity in a stunning natural setting, offering an intimate and memorable stay experience.

Our experiences
in La Palma

Explore many exciting activities during your tailor made travel to La Palma.

From off-the-beaten-path hiking to stargazing, to scuba diving, our range of activities promises unforgettable experiences.

nouveau volcan de La Palma

Discovery of the new volcano of La Palma

Embark on a journey to discover this new natural treasure of the island of La Palma. With an expert guide, you can explore this emerging volcano of the island and experience a memorable journey through the spectacular landscapes of La Palma. Be prepared to be amazed by the power of nature and to learn more about the geology of this island.

ruelles de Santa Cruz

Visit Santa Cruz de La Palma with a local

Explore the warm capital of La Palma with an authentic tour led by a local islander. Santa Cruz de La Palma is a charming small town with its pedestrian streets, modernist market, ancient palaces, and typical houses with wooden balconies. Meet this city and its history with those who know it best.

randonnée dans la forêt los tilos

Hiking in the enchanted world of the Los Tilos forest

Embark on one of the most beautiful hikes on the island in the heart of the Los Tilos forest and discover this laurel tropical forest. Alongside our expert guides, explore this natural treasure of the Canary Islands and be amazed by the mystical beauty of this enchanting forest and the unique biodiversity of the region.

observation d'étoile à La Palma

Exclusive stargazing experience

La Palma is one of the best stargazing sites in the world, which is why the world’s largest optical telescope was built here. Enjoy a magical experience accompanied by an astronomer with over 30 years of experience and privately observe one of the most beautiful skies in the world.

fabrication de cigare

Visit a workshop and make your cigar

Discover a craftsmanship directly inherited from Cuba, cigar making. Take part in a visit to a warm and family-run workshop to try your hand at making your own cigar. This activity is a real step towards discovering the local culture and will become an excellent souvenir of your trip.

femme qui fait du snorkeling

Snorkeling excursion on the coasts of La Palma

Dive into the underwater world of the translucent waters off the coasts of La Palma. Our snorkeling excursion will take you to meet colorful marine life, from tropical fish to coral formations. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, this experience will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Book your tailor made travel to La Palma now with our travel agency and enjoy a wide range of accommodations as well as a multitude of unique activities just for you.