Tailor made travels
to the Canary Islands

Tailor made travels

Our tailor made travels
to the Canary Islands

Discover this little paradise close to the African coast, where each island reveals a unique facet of the Canaries’ beauty.

Dive into turquoise waters, explore unspoiled national parks and soak up the local culture on a tailor made trip designed to offer you an unforgettable Canary Islands experience. My Secret Voyage brings you total immersion in the heart of these authentic islands.

Unusual Tenerife : Discover the authentic side of the island

Dive into traditions and landscapes

Explore villages and volcanic landscapes off the beaten path for an authentic experience of Tenerife.

3 days / 2 nights

8 days starting from €1200

Private Lanzarote : Exclusive local experiences

Privileged access to Lanzarote's wonders

Enjoy unique and personalized experiences, from visits to volcanic vineyards to secret beaches, away from the crowds.

3 days / 2 nights

6 days starting from €1500

Unexplored Las Palmas : Secrets and local life of Gran Canaria

Discover local culture and history

Immerse yourself in the daily life of Gran Canaria’s inhabitants, exploring historic neighborhoods and local markets.

3 days / 2 nights

9 days starting from €1400

Adventure in Fuerteventura : Kitesurfing, paradise beaches and local discoveries

Thrills and relaxation on a dream island

Combine the adrenaline of kitesurfing with the tranquility of idyllic beaches, while discovering Fuerteventura’s local culture.

3 days / 2 nights

7 days starting from €1200

Canaries differently : Hidden treasures of Tenerife and La Palma

A beautiful escape to the wonders of the archipelago

Embark on an adventure on the islands of Tenerife and La Palma, in search of forests and secret coves.

3 days / 2 nights

12 days starting from €1600

Immersive journey to the Canary Islands : Between land and sea in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote

A journey to feast your eyes on

Experience an immersive journey exploring the terrestrial and marine diversity of the Canary Islands, from mountain hiking to underwater diving.

3 days / 2 nights

14 days starting from €2200

Our destinations in the Canary Islands

Discover the Canary Islands, where each island is a world apart with diverse landscapes ranging from white sandy beaches to imposing volcanoes and lush forests.

For a tailor made experience, let My Secret Voyage orchestrate your stay. We create journeys that cater to your desires, offering privileged access to unprecedented and exclusive experiences for an unforgettable getaway to the Canary Islands.

Voyages sur mesure aux Canaries


Tailor made travels
to the Canary Islands

Travel to the Canary Islands on a completely personalized trip according to your desires

The My Secret Voyage experience differs from an ordinary journey. We offer comprehensive support: from exceptional accommodations to transfers for unparalleled comfort. We offer several activities during your tailor made travel to the Canary Islands : it’s up to you to decide which ones will make you thrilled.

Our team, composed of passionate specialists, listens to your wishes to create a personalized stay that reflects you. Whether your interest lies in gastronomy, adventure, relaxation, or culture… We offer a wide choice to enhance every moment of your Canary Islands getaway !

Indulge in adventure and let us guide you through a world of unique discoveries. My Secret Voyage is by your side to design the perfect journey to the Canary Islands, a journey that exceeds all your expectations.


Discover the mysteries of Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is known for its richness and natural beauty. With My Secret Voyage, immerse yourself in the magnificent Teide National Park, the highest peak in Spain, to admire spectacular views. Take a guided tour with a local resident through the lively streets of Santa Cruz. Discover La Luguna on a guided tour, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Canary Islands. Immerse yourself in the world of Tenerife, a place where volcanoes meet crystal-clear waters.

Explore the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote

In Lanzarote, the work of artist César Manrique merges with the unique volcanic landscape of the island. Explore his creations like the Jameos del Agua with My Secret Voyage on a private tour where you’ll have access to areas normally closed to the public. Don’t miss Timanfaya National Park for a lunar experience on Earth with a guided hike. Discover the charm of Lanzarote, famous for its black sand beaches blending with turquoise waters.

La Gomera

Escape to the preserved island of La Gomera

La Gomera is a little piece of paradise with its mountains, valleys, and tranquil beaches. Explore the Garajonay National Park on an immersive hike and initiation into Salto del Pastor and Silbo. Treat yourself to a traditional boat trip to see whales and swim in the Valle Gran Rey area with My Secret Voyage. Set off for a getaway to La Gomera where forests and secret coves bordered by transparent waters mingle.

El Hierro

Escape to the unspoiled island of El Hierro

The smallest of the Canary Islands, is a preserved gem in the heart of the Atlantic: the first island to be powered 100% by renewable energies. El Hierro’s landscape is raw beauty, with towering cliffs plunging into clear waters, pine forests, and laurel trees, as well as volcanic relief. Immerse yourself in the island’s tranquility, savor local cuisine, and let yourself be enchanted by the discreet but profound charm of this timeless destination.

Grande Canarie

Visit the must-see sites of Gran Canaria

Discover Gran Canaria, a “miniature continent,” famous for its dunes and remarkable forests. Embark on an urban hike in Las Palmas off the beaten path between the old town, the San Juan neighborhood, and Triana. Dive into a private surfing initiation on Las Canteras Beach. Venture on a guided hike in the mountains with My Secret Voyage. Explore the wonders of Gran Canaria, an island where golden dunes contrast with pine forests to offer a diverse panorama.


Dive into adventure in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura: Known for its endless beaches and clear waters, Fuerteventura is a paradise for water sports. Take the opportunity to kayak and snorkel with My Secret Voyage to Los Lobos Island. Participate in a cream-making workshop and olive oil tasting in a bio oasis even though few plants usually grow on the island. Embark on an adventure in Fuerteventura, between volcanoes and sparkling beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

La Palma

Explore the hidden wonders of La Palma

La Palma, nicknamed “La Isla Bonita,” is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and starry skies perfect for astronomy. Join an exclusive stargazing experience followed by an aperitif with My Secret Voyage. Go hiking in the Caldera de Tarburiente park and participate in a Salto Pastor workshop. Explore the wonders of La Palma, an island with a rich and preserved ecosystem where volcanic landscapes and black sand beaches are found.

Explore the Canary Islands

Get ready for a tailor-made adventure to the Canary Islands! Turn to My Secret Voyage to organize a stay that perfectly meets your expectations.

Experience a memorable journey combining luxury, exploration, and personalized services.

Discover the Canary Islands in a new light and treat yourself to a true escape.